I love Jesus. I love to worship Him. I love to help other people do that. I love music. I love cake (especially if it comes with a really good flat white, some deep chat and great banter).

I am a worship leader, songwriter, and musician based in Manchester, UK (if you've never been, you should come and visit!) and part of Vinelife Church community. I also work as a music therapist, using music to help people who have a wide range of challenges. 

From a young age, I felt a pull towards God. I knew I was most alive when I was worshipping Him and I have always loved doing that through music. Through my journey and in all of my processes I am learning to worship Him and to give Him everything I have in any moment and any time I get to share or lead other people in that is such an honour.




In every song that I write, set that I lead, and word that I speak I want to break a piece of my life and heart off and give away the keys that I have won so that the person in front of me can live in greater freedom.

If you want to chat about it, don't be shy, send me an email.