Constant Friend - Bb

Verse 1

Bb                                      Eb

Constant friend look how far we’ve come

You’ve been so faithful through every season

You’ve stayed close to me in the shadows

Now as the light breaks in I see Your goodness



Gm               F/A           Bb            Eb

Jesus You’re better than I could imagine

           Cm                Bb/D         Eb                

And I know all I’ve seen is a glimpse

So I’ll pour out this life in reckless abandon

Because in every moment You’re worth



Verse 2

The riches of Your abiding love

Have been the strength and life to my bones

Fountains of Your grace never cease to flow

Your kindness overcomes my soul



Bb                                    Eb

You gave me a song to awaken my dawn

         Gm                Eb

You lead me into freedom

You have taught this heart how to hope again

You have brought me back to life by Your goodness